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Aadhar Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery Centre
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Aadhar Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery Centre

An integral part of oncology surgery is providing a real chance of cure in solid tumors by Laparoscopic Technique. 

It help in providing quality of life and overall survival It plays important role in diagnosis staging & treatment of cancer. Surgical techniques have evolved from extra radical to radical & now to more conservative approaches like 
Laparoscopic Technique providing maximum function & less morbidity without compromising the oncotherapy principles of surgeries.

The intent of surgery may vary from patient to patient depending on stage of disease. About 60% of cancer patent undergo surgery either alone or in combination with other treatments.

The surgical oncology Department at Aadhar Health Institute, Hisar aims to provide entire range of surgeries for all solid cancer. The team carry out complicated surgeries successfully after optimizing patient in collaboration with anesthetist, physician, cardiologist, radiologist, physiotherapist & dietician. This is to ensure that the patients safety is not compromised intra operating and past operatively.