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Aadhar Dietitics & Nutrition Centre
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Aadhar Dietitics & Nutrition Centre

The ideology of the department of nutrition and Dietetics is to encourage good nutritional practice and standards as a fundamental part of health care provided to In-patients and outpatients by Aadhar Health Institute.

We undertake the following services and activities:
In-Patient services: Dietetics department is informed of every new admission in the hospital. Each in-patient receives a visit from one of our proficient dietitians, who performs an all-inclusive dietary and nutritional evaluation of the patient soon after admission. Each patient also receives a personalized diet chart which is put into practice through the meals provided as part of the hospital’s services.
Out-Patient services: The outpatients are referred to the Dietetics department by the attending doctors for guidance on dietary modifications and nutritional supplements. They are offered comprehensive diet counseling, strictly keeping in mind their ongoing therapy.
Ante-natal and post natal services: Counseling to expectant mothers (in-patients as well as those who attend the hospital’s Ante-Natal training program) on diet and nutrition during pregnancy is provided. Further, post delivery, mothers are guided about breast feeding and its benefits, and weaning methodology.
Pediatric services: Patients in this age group are regularly referred by the Department of Pediatrics and the department offers: diet and nutrition assessment, nutritional recommendations and nutritional tutoring to the parents with the help of instructional aides and material.
Cafeteria: Aadhar has an admirable cafeteria catering to outpatients, visitors and the hospital staff.
Kitchen: We have state-of-the-art kitchen at our super-specialty centre. The menu is carefully planned and executed strictly throughout the week with high degree of precision. We understand that special dietary measures are required for patients who have chronic gastrointestinal, heart, kidney, and liver disorders. The diet plans also take into deliberation the effects of medications on nutrients. Modifications in diet are also inevitable in situations, such as after highly traumatic accidents, including brutal burns, tumors, surgeries and other critical conditions. Together with our skilled dietitians, our kitchen staff offers a diet to the patient that is best suited to his/her personal and clinical needs.
Since diet plays a fundamental role in health and healing, the Department of Dietetics time and again teams up with other departments of the hospital in the management of patients and also while dispensing awareness on the importance of nutrition to the society at large.